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Lower your operating costs with 100% Financing for Energy and Water Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate


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About How PACE Works Who's eligible? What Does PACE Cost?


PACE is 100% financing for energy and water efficiency improvements to commercial buildings. PACE is essentially a long-term (typically 10-20 year), low-cost loan for such improvements as:
  • HVAC modification or replacement
  • Light fixture modifications such as LED
  • Solar panels
  • High-efficiency windows or doors
  • Automated energy control systems
  • Insulation, caulking, weather-stripping or air sealing
  • Water use efficiency improvements
  • Energy- or water-efficient manufacturing processes and/or equipment
  • Solar hot water
  • Gray water reuse
  • Rainwater collection system

How PACE Works

Who\'s eligible?

Commercial Property
Industrial Property
Multi-Family Residential Property

What Does PACE Cost?

Interest Rate: PACE in Texas is open market, and interest rates are set by the capital provider selected by the owner. Interest rates vary based on things like project size, property and business specifics, and term of the loan. Please contact a PACE Capital Provider to discuss terms.

Administration Costs: Texas PACE Authority charges a 1% administration fee on projects that close, and an ongoing 10BPS annually.

City of Dallas Costs: The City of Dallas does not charge for nonprofits and projects less than $250K. For all other projects:

  • $250K-$500K: 0.25%
  • $500K-$1M: 0.5%
  • >$1M: 0.75%

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