Capital Provider FAQ

1. What is TX-PACE?
2. Why is TX-PACE an attractive offering for a lending company?
3. What types of TX-PACE program requirements assist in the protection of the investment?
4. What happens to the lien after a bankruptcy or if the building is unoccupied for a long-period?
5. How does a Texas PACE program differ from other states?
6. How is the mortgage holder involved?
7. Why would a mortgage holder consent?
8. What fees does TPA charge?
9. What is the qualification process for a property owner?
10. How much can a property owner borrow using TX-PACE financing?
11. How is the length of the repayment period decided?
12. How long does the application review process take?
13. What are typical TX-PACE interest rates?
14. Who can be a PACE capital provider?
15. How do I get on your capital provider list?