Property Owners FAQ

1. What is TX-PACE?
2. What are the benefits of using TX-PACE to a property owner?
3. How is TX-PACE property assessment financing different than a traditional loan?
4. What types of properties are eligible?
5. What types of improvements are eligible?
6. How does an owner qualify for financing?
7. What are the upfront costs?
8. How does the assessment impact the future sale of the property?
9. What are typical TX-PACE interest rates?
10. How much financing am I eligible for?
11. How is the length of the repayment period decided?
12. Can I use the capital provider and contractor of my choice?
13. Can TX-PACE projects qualify for rebates and tax incentives and other funding programs from governmental entities?
14. Can the assessments be passed through to tenants?
15. What is the mortgage holder consent process?
16. Why would my mortgage holder consent?
17. How am I protected?
18. Why is a lien placed on the property?
19. What type of lien is placed on the property?
20. Is a TX-PACE program available in my area?