New Financing Option For Industrial Property Owners


Interested in upgrading your industrial facilities with energy/water efficiency and distributed generation technologies but lack the needed capital?

The Texas PACE program (Property Assessed Clean Energy), enables industrial site owners to obtain affordable, long-term financing covering up to 100 percent of the cost for energy efficiency, water conservation, and on site generation technologies. PACE secures private financing for a term as long as the projected useful life of the improvements, resulting in utility cost savings that exceed the amount of the repayment.

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Typical Examples of Qualified Improvements
  • High efficiency chillers, boilers, and furnaces
  • Combustion and burner upgrades
  • Heat recovery equipment
  • Mechanical system modernization
  • Industrial energy system sensors and controls
  • Systems to capture, treat and use other on-site sources of water (condensate, rainwater, reverse osmosis reject water, etc.)
  • High efficiency lighting
  • Water conservation equipment
  • Building enclosure/envelope improvements
  • On site generation (resiliency benefits)
  • Fuel switching
  • Wastewater onsite reuse systems

Case Studies

R.J. Liebe Athletic Lettering Company, Navarro County, Texas

R.J. Liebe Athletic Lettering Company, a sewing manufacturing plant in southeast Corsicana, used Navarro County’s PACE program to finance $324,559 in high-efficiency retrofits for its 36,000 square foot building.

Case Study



Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (NASDAQ:PEIX), a leading US producer and marketer of low-carbon renewable fuels, used $10 million in PACE funding to purchase and install a 5 MW photovoltaic (PV) power system at its ethanol plant. This project is the first ever commercial solar electricity system at a US ethanol plant and the largest solar PV system to be funded through PACE.

The PACE project will save the facility more than $1 million annually and is cash flow positive from year one. The system also qualifies for the Energy Investment Tax Credit, displaces more than 30% of the grid electricity currently used, and drives premium pricing at the plant due to improvements in its carbon-intensity core.



Heller Machine Tools, a world-leading manufacturer producing state-of-the-art machine tools and production systems for metal cutting processes, used PACE to finance $978,607 in deep energy retrofits for its 100,000 sq ft production facility. Energy consumption and related costs were reduced by 23% – a savings of $1.6 million over 15 years.

Measures included:    Networked building controls   Partial roof replacement • Compressed air upgrades Lighting replacement • Server room cooling  HVAC


Cambridge Engineering, Chesterfield MO

Cambridge Engineering, Inc., a manufacturer of energy efficiency heating and ventilation technology used PACE to upgrade its facility.  A $610,500 comprehensive retrofit resulted in a 30% energy savings.

Measures included:  Lighting  Air volume distribution systems  Roof replacement Air conditioning upgrade


This example compares self-funding and conventional funding with PACE financing:

  • Industrial Facility
  • Project involves a $2.5M 1.3MW CHP system
  • Annual net savings of $473,000 (5.3 yrs simple payback)
  • The project does not pass the company’s hurdle rate for investment in energy efficiency (i.e. the ROI is probably not high enough)
  • Conventional Funding for 5 years at 4.0% (20% down payment)
  • PACE funding available for 20 years at 6.0%.
  • Energy prices held constant. NPV discount rate at 8%.


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Your PACE Loan Assessment Can Include
  • Cost of materials and labor necessary for the installation of a qualified improvement
  • Permit fees
  • Inspection fees
  • Lender fees
  • Program application and administrative fees
  • Project development and engineering fees
  • Independent third party reviewer audit fees, including verification fees
  • Any other fees or costs that may be incurred by the property owner incidental to the installation, modification or improvement
  • Legal, consulting and other fees on an actual cost basis
  • Changes to the existing property incidental to the installation

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